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My next year in 15 kgs

I am sitting in my room. It is 12 hours until I say goodbye to my life here in Melbourne for the next year, and I am looking at my backpack.

It is amazing how much extra you carry in your life when you stop moving around. It takes a team of people, and half a dozen boxes and bags to help me move from one house to the next. Here I am, about to embark on my year long adventure, and I can fit everything that I need into one backpack...or 15 kgs. Blows my mind.

Am i excited? You bet I am.

Am I secretly questioning if I am making the right decision to do this? You bet I am.

Am i still going ahead with it? Hell yeah!

You only live once and I intend on making mine count.

So on that note...Mexico, here I come!


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