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Let the adventures begin

One my first day of my global adventure i found myself engulfed in a case of sheer panic. Was I making the right decision leaving everything behind and going travelling for a year? I had to keep telling myself to calm down. After all..doing this is not the end of the world. After my exhausting flight, I was glad that I had arranged for an airport transfer. My head was so foggy from lack of sleep that had accumulated over the past week of anticipation. I sat in my comfortable car being chauffeured thought the streets of Mexico City just gazing out the window. Not really aware of what I was seeing but more absorbing the through some kind of passive diffusion. The romantic images I had in my head from years of media influence differed starkly from the reality, but I was not disappointed. There were colourful buildings, there were interesting locals that have a story I am yet to hear and their was history in the very fabric of the streets. I was not going to try and attempt anything tonight. I am just going to go to bed.

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