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Where in the world is Playa del Carmen?

"It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees" Emiliano Zapata

Playa del Carmen, where commerce meets culture. A spectacular coagulation of capitalist motive and childlike playground for adults. Interdespersed in this wonderland is the historical reference of the Mayan people.  Playa del Carmen is a thriving beach side metropolis. A quaint version of it neighbouring big brother Cancun, Playa del Carmen was named this by the Spanish. It's local name that is rarely referred to is Xaman-Ha. It is a beautiful place, however, non-traditional. Restaurant range from your authentic tacoria, serving fresh made tacos to you, to high end themed restaurants that boast the cultural essence of Mexico with a modern twist. 

The Main Street is alway buzzing with sprookers who try to entice you with their wares, mariachi serenading you with a boisterous tune and street performers ranging from the human to the more marsupial. The sun beats down overhead and you can feel the sting in your skin. As the tourism populous retreat to their airconditioned homes, you can feel a pace change as siesta sets in. While this happens, I retire to the sandy beach. Don my bikini and take a dip in the ocean.  

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