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No shirts, no shoes, no problem!

Caye Caulker is a small Island off the coast of Belize City. A tropical paradise, and a playground for tourists, this little island has a way of stopping time. 'Go slow' is the Caye Caulker motto and they mean it. You walk too fast and someone in the street will tell you off! The island has a way of making you shift into a slower gear. Of making time disappear.

But it isn't all lounging on beach chairs and drinking rum punch, the other side of Caye Caulker is the beautiful marine reserve. We sailed in search of the city under the sea and found it. Home to the second largest coral reef, Caye Caulker hosts a plethora of exotic wildlife. One such resident is 'Scar face', the huge ocean turtle with a bad temper. He floats around Hol Chan Reef being sure to stay close to the fishing boats, most of the time waiting for the discarded meats to be flicked overboard.

Shark Alley was aptly names because of the sharks that frequent the area. Overcoming my fears I had the opportunity to swim with these amazing creatures and be in close proximity when the feeding frenzy began. It was a fun day of activities that have solidified my love of this place.

I think a quick drink at the Lazy Lizard and watching the sun set over the island split is a suitable ending to my Caye Caulker adventure.

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