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Tikal a walk on the wild side

After an early rise we headed towards Flores and the famous site of Tikal. This place is a Ancient Mayan city nestled in the forest, away from the prying eyes of modern civilisation. Combating the thick humidity of rain trapped below the tree canopy, we marched on, dropping with sweat and anticipation. Then the trees parted and revealed the towering structure which boasts a dramatic history. The Guatemalan people have experienced a long history of blood shed and persecution. The country is the true capital of Mayan Central America, and this site was the greatest example of the Mayan history and culture, pre Spanish invasion and deforestation. The city spans two football fields and boasts four main towers as well as an exotic wildlife, including Monkeys, Tucana and Jaguars. Walking through this site was like taking a step into a history book. Etched carving reflecting human sacrifices that had occurred at this very spot. Mayan leaders who stood high above their subjects and delivered instructions for war, at this very spot. But here it is now...recaptured by Mother Nature. The trees sprouting roots in the grout of bricks. Tikal's story may have come to an end, but the ravaged history of Guatemala continued to this very day.

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