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Rio Dulce, home of the Howler

The morning sun has not yet risen, but we are already dipping our toes into the waters of adventure. Sliding into my kayak, i am somewhat perplexed as to why they chose to call it a Cobra.

Off i go, the still calmness of the water makes the journey almost hypnotic. Looking at the sky I can see a hint of the morning to come as the flecks of orange bleed through darkness of the evening sky. We paddle on and we take a turn through some mangroves into a river bend, then i could hear it. The gentle hooting noise increasing in volume as we approach. The leaves of the trees began to rustle as i crane my neck just hoping to get a glimpse of he Howler Monkey.

Rio Dulce, among other things, is the home to a resident population of Howler monkies. These cheeky monkies are aptly named because of the course grunting, howling sound that they make to communicate. Catching sight of these mischievous mayhem makers is not easy, as they tend to flip and swing to avert of eyes of the curious public. In fact, more often than not you wouldn't be aware of one in your presence until they pee on you. I am happy to report that my grand adventure was pee free. And i did have the luck to see several families of Howler Monkeys.

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