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Leap of faith....

"Put both hands on the blue rope and on the count of three...."...... I could hear him talking but I was just too scared to make my hands move. It was like my brain had disengaged from the rest of my body. Plus my heart was beating so fast that it was muffling the words he was saying. "Did you get that?"... Focus Kate! "Yes". I moved both my hands out and grabbed on to the blue rope, as instructed, being very careful not to look at the huge drop that lay just before me. Breathe. Don't look down. "Now all you need to do is step out...3, 2, 1......"

I feel, at this point, i should mention something about myself....i am terrified of heights! Having this irrational phobia actually irritates me because it takes away from the enjoyment of the adrenaline rush, when all you can focus on is your imminent death. So naturally, when you're afraid of heights, you should sign up to do the thing that puts you out of your comfort zone. And this was definitely out of my comfort zone.

How did I get here?

Monteverde, rough translation to mountain of green. I just made that up but it sounds plausable. And yes it is. Monteverde is home to the extreme adventurers with activities such a zip lining, bungee jumping, tree top walking and of course the home of the largest Tarzan swing in Costa Rica. The very challenge I was psyching myself up to do.

I'm sure my face was ghostly when i arrived at the 100% Adventura Centre, because all of the staff were very attentive and feeding an endless supply of motivational and supportive comments. They could probably see the terror on my face and to be honest their overly attentive and smiley faces did help. Even when they were explaining to me that I will be suspended from a 1,590m zip line, 100's of metres in the air, with just a harness maintaining the connection to the cable line. Then, at the end of it, i am going to jump from a platform, 148 ft in the air, and swing like Tarzan across a clearing.

Crazy right?! Oh it goes.

📷 by 100% Adventura

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