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How to survive a long haul flight

Being from Australia and having a passion for travel, long haul flights are an inevitability. For some people the idea of a long haul flight is enough of nightmare that they choose to stay at home. Missing out on some incredible experiences. Long haul flight are a reality of travel, but they don’t have to be the nightmare that you imagine in your head. Here are some tips to make the journey just as good as the destination:

Water is the essence of happy: It is very easy to get dehydrated on a plane. The food served in usually high in salt, the air is dry and they serve tea and coffee like it is going out of fashion. Worse still, dehydration amplifies the effects of jet lag, so it eats into your ‘non plane’ time. Drink lots of water! Don’t just wait for food service...push the bell and drink some water.

Comfort is the key: Being comfortable on the flight is your ultimate goal, so don’t insist on being a fashionista on the plane. Wear comfortable clothes. This includes comfortable and adjustable shoes...your feet and hands swell at high altitudes. Also, if you have long hair, avoid wearing a ponytail as it becomes annoying when you are trying to rest your head. Opt for a braid instead. You pay for what you get: Flying is expensive, but sometimes paying that little extra to get the seat you want is a good investment in your happiness. I am 6’2”, and i have really long legs. I don’t fit easily in most Economy size seats, so when i travel on long haul flights, I try to select the Exit Row seat and pay the difference.

Reset your clocks: Change all your devices clocks to your destination time and start following that schedule. If your destination is asleep, rest up and try and count some sheep. You will arrive rested and ready to tackle your holiday in the correct timezone. If sleeping isn’t an option: Most airlines offer in-flight entertainment for long haul flights. Take the opportunity to catch up on hollywoods latest, or do what i do, and watch really boring movies I’ve seen before to help put me to sleep. If that doesn’t interest you, planes also have radio station and calm meditative music channels. Sometimes that is enough to get you in to the sleeping zone. Person admin at 30,000 feet: Believe it or not, being trapped in a plane can be the answer to your personal admin crisis. You can be very productive in planes these days with many airlines offering free wifi and power sockets for devices. Take the opportunity to organise you life. Take some toiletries: Having your toothbrush and toothpaste freely available will stop you feeling like you have Eau de Plane Funk when you arrive at your destination. Also, don’t forget you hair brush.

Let’s get physical: While aviation rules require you to return to your seat, they don’t explicitly say you are a prisoner of it. Take the opportunity to stand up, stretch and move the body to assist with circulation, reduce swelling and help with joint mobility. Particularly after you have been asleep. Long haul travel does not have to be a nightmare. Just prepare well with a few comforts and enjoy the service in the sky! 

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